Like all things Hanh Merriman touches, her approach to philanthropy is deeply thoughtful and tied to her beginnings. From an early age, Hanh’s mother and father instilled in her the importance of giving back, bringing Hanh along as they worked to support their small rural town in Vietnam—be it through donations, or simply helping hands. They contributed in whatever ways they could, at one point opening a small, Eastern-style clinic to provide healing services like acupuncture and herb-based medicines to children and senior citizens in need.

Since, Hanh has grown her family’s philanthropic legacy, making community support a cornerstone of HANH COLLECTION and a guiding value for her business. Today, Hanh is involved with a number of organizations that echo her mission, improving lives through community enrichment in both the United States and Vietnam. With the launch of HANH COLLECTION, a portion of proceeds will be donated, furthering her mission to make fashion a true force for change.

As Hanh’s parents once told her, “we make a living by what we get. But we make a life by what we give.”


HANH COLLECTION is donating a portion of proceeds to the covid relief efforts of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, an organization based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation is providing food, medical supplies, and rent relief to families affected by the Covid crisis across Vietnam. The Delta variant is currently wreaking havoc on vulnerable rural communities. Helping the vulnerable communities of Vietnam has always been the cornerstone of HANH’s philanthropic endeavors. Please visit to find out more about Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation and the work they are doing.